Do you have a band and want to raise your profile with your own website? Or do you need an online store where you can sell your merchandise?
Bands get special prices and discounts from me, because I love music.

Hosting and support contracts

For hosting and support you pay as much as everyone else, but there is an advantage for you:
It is often uncertain how long the band will continue to exist as such or whether the vocation will become a hobby at some point. That's why I give you the option of terminating your hosting or support contract at short notice and with immediate effect if your band disbands. This means you don't have to worry about any costs or deadlines in this already difficult situation.


Pricing & Packages

Standard Website 400

Don't worry about the money, because my prices rock! For bands, a standard website without special programming costs only 400,- €. That leaves you enough money for new instruments and stage outfits. You could write a song about these great prices.

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Web shop 600

You don't just want to keep your fans up to date about events, but also sell tickets and merch directly? No problem at all! For 600,- € you get an appealing webshop for your tickets, CDs, T-shirts and whatever else you want to sell.

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No, regardless of whether you do it full-time or just as a hobby, with €400 you already have the best possible offer. The price is simply unbeatable!

You have to pay for each website individually and don't get a volume discount. But once we have warmed up to each other, we can certainly agree on design and functions more quickly, which is why you will benefit from faster service with the second website.

If you decide to pursue a solo career, there are no further costs for closing the website.

Sure, we can integrate videos and music to make your website even more convincing.

I would also be happy to create a store for you where you can sell records or accessories

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