Customer Service

Your satisfaction is my first priority. To ensure that your website runs error-free around the clock and you are not alone with problems, I offer you various support options that you can book at any time when you let me create a website for you.
With the 24 hours support packages "Extra large" and "Ultimate" you can reach me even on holidays by e-mail or phone.
But even if you haven't booked a support package, I'm always available for 40€ per started half hour within the usual working hours! I will not let you down!


If you have no experience with the administration of a website, I can of course train you accordingly. I will explain everything to you and show you the functions of the website until you really understand everything. Of course, I would also be happy to come to your company in person and hold a training session on site. However, you will have to pay additional costs.
If you want to participate in the training with several colleagues, this is possible. The price for the training is independent of the number of participants.

But even if you don't have your employees trained - each of your employees can contact me and use the support hours of the support variants listed below.


Small Normal Large Extra Large Ultimate
Support Hours 4 8 16 32
24 hours support
Price 300.- € /Month 550.- € /Month 1,000.- € /Month 2,000.- € /Month 3,500.- € /Month
Contact Contact Contact Contact Contact


You can reach me by phone, email or via the contact form under the "Contact" tab.

With the support packages "Extra large" or "Ultimate" I am available for you 24h a day, even on holidays.

Depending on the emergency and how it arose, I will either be at your side immediately or we will arrange a prompt appointment.

No, this does not incur any extra costs. General support is only available outside of normal working hours with a 24h support contract.

If you decide to add a support option later on, I'm happy to add it at any time.

Yes, for 40€ per started half hour I am available during normal working hours even if you have not signed a support contract.

I would be happy to come to your place and train you personally, if the costs are covered.

There is no limit to the number of participants in the training and there is no additional cost for additional participants.

All your colleagues have the possibility to contact me and take support hours.

Do you have a quest for me?

Let me know what I can do for you.