As a founder of a start-up company you get even better prices for the development of your website or webshop.
Up to 5 years after the foundation of your company you can profit from this advantage.


Even if you are self-employed, you count as a start-up in this case and get a discount, provided that your entry into self-employment is not longer than 5 years ago.

Hosting and support contracts

For hosting and support you pay as much as everyone else, but there is an advantage for you:
Since the future of start-ups and self-employed people is often uncertain, you have the exclusive option to terminate your hosting or support contract at short notice and with immediate effect, if your business doesn't work out and you give up your start-up or self-employment. This way, you won't have to worry about additional costs in this already difficult situation.


Pricing & Packages

Standard Website Up to 800

For a standard website you pay me without special programming maximum 800,- €. Whether you want to share your blog with the world, inform about future events or offer customers the opportunity to learn about your products or your company - it does not get more expensive with me. No subscription, no false promises, no hidden costs.

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Web shop Up to 1,200

You want to inform your customers not only about your assortment, but also offer them the possibility to get rid of their money in your online store? With a maximum of 1200,- € you are in.

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Yes, in this case you can cancel at short notice and with immediate effect.

No, the perk only applies to the cost of development.

From start-up planning to 5 years after incorporation, your company is considered a start-up by me.

From the planning stage to 5 years after you become self-employed, the same benefits apply to you as to a start-up.

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